It's Good to be a Man

Extending God's house & father-rule by helping men to establish their own houses in strength, workmanship & wisdom.


“And God made man…and behold, it was very good…”

A project for Bible-believing men seeking a positive and practical doctrine of manhood. Our mission is to develop the knowledge, virtues and skills necessary to rightly order ourselves and our world as men. We call this gendered piety.

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An Email Exchange About the Book

What follows is an exchange between myself and Rev. John Mahaffy, an OPC pastor who had some problems with our book, It’s Good To Be A Man. I’m posting the full exchange here, as it may be helpful to others. I’m happy that he contacted me, and that I got a chance to respond. The […]

Adam and Eve Are Driven out of Eden
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Genesis 3:16: Is patriarchy a curse of the fall?

The closest thing to a proof-text for egalitarianism is Genesis 3:16. This seems to say that male headship was established as one of the curses on Eve, and therefore did not exist as part of God’s original good creation. Not only is the total witness of Scripture against this, however, but a closer look at the language of the text itself indicates otherwise.

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How to develop a masculine mission for your life

A man with a mission is hard to control, hard to cancel, and dangerous to a society that wants no competition from the righteous. He is the only kind of man who is really being a man. Here’s how to develop your mission, with scriptural groundwork, practical steps, and the example of Gab’s Andrew Torba.

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The psychology of white knights

White knights are men who derive their value from defending damsels in distress against evil forces. They are willing to engage in a fantasy to achieve this—imagining evil women to be damsels, and good men to be dragons. This is a kind of arrested development caused by a failure to emotionally separate from their mother during adolescence.

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The real reason men don’t ask women for directions

Because God has designed men and women for distinct purposes, different experiences will “resonate” with our souls, and will cause or prevent connections between us. Reflecting on our simple, everyday experience is therefore important for understanding the deep differences between us. The mundane scenario of getting lost is therefore an instructive window into what God made men and women for, and how it affects our interactions with each other.

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A living faith produces masculine piety

Piety is the willing pursuit of our duties toward God and man. A living faith always issues in such piety—for men, this looks like natural masculinity. Yet many of the Christian Elite seem to loathe masculine piety. This should not be surprising when a majority of the Christian Elite are spiritual and physical dumplings.

The state is only a pawn of the true king
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Not enough faith to worship

Daniel was a hero for flouting the king’s 30-day edict against lawful worship during the exile. So why have churches today capitulated en masse to the state’s indefinite edict against lawful worship during lockdown?

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Escaping the crab barrel

As you start to develop self-discipline, and order your life well, others around you will try to pull you back down like crabs in a barrel. Here are some tips for dealing with that.

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Get your household in order

Trained to think almost exclusively in globalist terms, it is fashionable among the current generation to believe that true and meaningful change occurs primarily through the championing of large-scale, societal causes.

We have replaced fathers with clowns, and now we have clown-world
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The connection between covenant and Clown World

Most of the snowballing social problems that we are dealing with today are a result of rejecting the biblical view of covenant. Androgyny, identity politics, social justice, cancel culture—all the “Clown World” pathologies that are indistinguishable from parody—are the inevitable outworkings of this.

No Quarter November
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Complementarianism presupposes androgynism

Despite the confidence that conservative evangelicals have in it, complementarianism is not a firm and clear-headed articulation of Scripture’s holistic teaching on sexuality. It is an erratic defensive effort to preserve a few traditional exceptions to androgyny, on the basis of piecemeal exegetical arguments, while accepting this androgyny in principle by jettisoning the embarrassing telos that underwrites gendered duties. This concession represents a major break from the church’s universal historical teaching.

Red pill religion
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Red pill as another religion

There are folks out there calling themselves red pill Christians. We believe this is no better than the many people who consider themselves feminist Christians, or social justice Christians, or gay-affirming Christians, or whatever other idol of wokeness they have discovered in the world and then attached Christianity to.

Should husbands help with washing the dishes
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But who does the dishes?

The preoccupation with rightly dividing housework is a natural result of reducing the household from a place of existential identity to one of sentimental experience. Satisfaction and contentment with the labor of the house is impossible without first recovering God’s design for the house.

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