The West is dying. Long live the West

The world has been falling apart since Eden. It’s part of the plan. Destruction is necessary to the work of restoration. And restoration is a multi-generational project.

The Western world is falling apart. It’s OK to be distressed about this, but it’s not right to be anxious.

Adam put his wife over his God; their world fell apart.

Cain killed his brother; their world fell apart.

Men gave their daughters as wives to those they should not have; that world fell apart. It fell apart so badly that God took it all the way back to uncreation. But Noah found favor in his eyes.

Then Noah got drunk and his son did something nasty and their world fell apart.

The men of Babel tried to build the highest high place; their world fell apart by tongue.

Then there were nations, and they all fell apart. Babylon fell apart, Persia fell apart, Greece fell apart, Rome fell apart. Israel fell apart after just one good king.

Then the Lord Jesus came in the midst of the rubble, and his ministry fell apart when he was executed by the forces of all this death and chaos. And for a weekend, the world was the worst it could ever be.

And then, for the first time ever, God overturned a death sentence. For the first time ever, a man took up his own life on his own authority because of his own righteousness, and walked out of the tomb. Death ran backwards.

But death didn’t stop running backwards when Jesus folded up his burial cloth. It has been running backwards ever since—because he is the resurrection and the life, and all dominion, over every man, tribe, county, district, nation, alliance, and continent has been given to him.

And so our reliance is not on the disintegrating world, where all things fall apart. It is on the reintegrating Word, in whom all things rise together. There is only one eternal nation, and one royal priesthood, because there is only one divine King.

Whether in one year or a million, the West will die. But Jesus rules the West, and Jesus opens tombs from the inside. The seed goes into the ground in order to spring back out again as something better. So be about the work of producing godly seed.