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Where we stand on…

What follows is a list of all today’s major controverted issues in sexuality, and where we stand on them. The order is as alphabetical as we could make it.

If we list an item as being “for” or “against” plus “it depends,” it’s because we recognize exceptions but believe the creation pattern is strong enough that we can establish a general rule. If we list both “for” and “against,” it’s because we recognize legitimate and illegitimate forms. You can click the checks and crosses in these cases for more information—look for the dotted underline.

Sexuality & societyForAgainstIt depends
Chivalry (the code of conduct that regards women as deserving honor because they are superior to men, rather than because they are weaker vessels)
Divorce and remarriage
LGBTQ+ as sexual orientations or gender identities
Marital corporal punishment
No-fault divorce
Patriarchy (that God’s rule is to be represented exclusively through men in the civil, domestic, and ecclesiastical spheres)
Soulmates/ONEitis (that there is only one romantic partner who is right for you)
Women’s rolesForAgainstIt depends
Civil rulers (e.g. judges, mayors, presidents, queens)
Military & law-enforcement
Preachers to any sex
Teachers of doctrine to men
Teachers of doctrine to women and children
Workers in another man’s household (i.e., pursuing a career)
Workers in their own man’s household (i.e., being a productive helpmeet)

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