Recommended equipment for the feminist boilerplate drinking game

The Feminist Boilerplate Drinking Game

Don’t let dealing with feminists get you down. Break out the shot glasses and have some fun!

Interacting with feminists can be a real drag, because they think that forming an argument means stringing together clichés and catchphrases. We therefore suggest the following game, where you can use their worn-out boilerplate accusations as an occasion for merriment (Psalm 104:15; 23:5).

Grab a bottle of your favorite liquor, and every time your opponent uses one of the tropes below, take a shot. Once your heart is sufficiently glad, you will hopefully feel no more desire to continue the interaction, and thus the game will naturally end. Obviously this works better with friends, and always remember that drunkenness is dissipation (Ephesians 5:18).

Take a shot when your opponent says something like: