It's Good to be a Man

Extending God's house & father-rule by helping men to establish their own houses in strength, workmanship & wisdom.


Coaching on biblical masculinity

This is not therapy or consulting. A therapist looks at the wounds of the past to help you heal. A consultant assesses your situation to authoritatively instruct you on how to change it.

This is coaching. A coach is someone who improves what you’re already doing. He has experience and knowledge he can bring to bear in your life, but he is not necessarily more talented or skilled than you. He isn’t there to heal you, or to tell you what to do, but rather to help you see the things you’re too close to see yourself.

A coach can push you and keep you accountable—but also grounded. But he’s not your mommy or your daddy or your doctor.

Our coaching is for men who aren’t moving in quite the direction they want, and/or just aren’t moving fast enough. It’s for you if you want to recalibrate your heading, and get an acceleration boost. We’ll give you an impartial perspective, and help you figure out what to change, what to add, and what to remove.

How it works

We coach month by month. You can cut loose whenever you’re ready—some people will pay for just one month; some people will go much longer. For each month:

If you’re interested, complete the application form below. We don’t guarantee that we’ll accept every application, but we will explain why if we don’t.