It's Good to be a Man

Extending God's house & father-rule by helping men to establish their own houses in strength, workmanship & wisdom.

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An Email Exchange About the Book

What follows is an exchange between myself and Rev. John Mahaffy, an OPC pastor who had some problems with our book, It’s Good To Be A Man. I’m posting the full exchange here, as it may be helpful to others. I’m happy that he contacted me, and that I got a chance to respond. The […]

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Escaping the crab barrel

As you start to develop self-discipline, and order your life well, others around you will try to pull you back down like crabs in a barrel. Here are some tips for dealing with that.

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Mission, then marriage

Finding and pursuing a godly mission tends to make finding and pursuing a godly woman easier and more successful. When you make finding a wife your mission, you are less likely to find a wife, or a mission.

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5 types of incomplete masculinity

Most men you meet will have an incomplete masculinity, but not all are incomplete in the same way. Understanding that masculinity is comprised of a biblical triad can help in grasping where a particular man goes wrong.